68 and BOSTON


68 and BOSTON

Date: AUTUMN, 2015

Location: SOHO, LONDON

Photography: 68 and BOSTON


“68 and Boston function as two distinct places: past the shared entrance hall is wine bar 68 and to the right, upstairs, cocktail hub Boston. They share a roof and little else.

This terrific wine bar, pleasantly French-Italian in feel, has a concept so brilliant it seems absurd no-one else is doing in London. Every bottle on the list is £20, meaning you can choose what you like, not what you can afford. Better yet, if you don’t fancy a bottle, they’re served by the carafe (£14) or glass (£5.50). Fairly reasonable cocktails are available for a fairly reasonable £8.

Although not small, Boston’s low-lighting means it has an intimate feel, and the bar room itself is reminiscent of glamorous train carriage from the golden age of cocktails. It’s going for an altogether more expensive feel than downstairs, which is reflected in the prices. House twists sit alongside classics.”

Review By: David Ellis for Evening Standard 2015