Reviewing the trends of Maison&Objet – Paris 2020


Reviewing the Trend of Maison&Object – Paris 2020

The theme this year for Maison&Objet was (RE)GENERATION! We found that designers fell into two main categories in response to this theme. Firstly, there were those designers who interpreted ‘regeneration’ as growth and rebirth, referencing nature and the idea of organic growth. Secondly, there were those who were designing with the future in mind; we saw multiple companies involve technology and even virtual reality within their presentations and the idea of innovation was prominent.

Black, White & Tan

Have you ever heard the classic piece of advice never to mix black and brown? Well, this year that myth was well and truly debunked, with many colour palettes featuring the full range of blacks, browns and tans mixed together and contrasted by large pops of white. This colour scheme is great if you want to incorporate some dark and moody elements, yet keep a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

Down to Earth

A huge trend we noticed this year was the continuation of the earthy clay tones popularised through Dulux’s colour of the year for 2019 ‘Spiced Honey’. However, this year the textures that presented the clay tones were grittier and more organic than the chic velvets of previous years. Think wood, straw, bones and branches. This trend is easy to incorporate into your own space through accessories; focus on items which are easily changeable, yet have a high impact.

Neon Moods

Despite the main trends of the show favouring more muted and organic colours and textures, some designers actively pushed back against this, using vivid colours and neon lights to create unmissable statements within the sea of neutrality. Mixing these with grey tones and rough textures creates a beautiful contrast and helps to balance these bold design choices.

Bubble Lights

In terms of lighting trends, this year’s presentation had a space age atmosphere. Plump forms and circular silhouettes created beautiful and unique pendants; modern yet soft. In addition, the illumination from this lighting was never harsh, instead defused warm tones helped to create atmospheric surroundings.

Let us know, what was your favourite trend at Maison d’objet? And, more importantly, how are you planning to incorporate them into your home or business?

By: Lisa Quarrell, 2020