Conceptualise and create experiencesthat inspire people to explore, connect and relax.

Conceptualise and create experiences  that inspire people to  explore, connect and relax.

When it comes to designing a hospitality space, be it a vast restaurant, an intimate hotel bar or a street food pop-up, our unique selling point is that KAI Interiors designers have operational knowledge and experience. We are led by functionality and aesthetic.

We can design a space which stands out and attracts the social media crowd, while also figuring out the most practical places to put equipment – the tills, the pay points, the internet cables, the tables, the bar seats and so on. We create hospitality spaces that flow well and make sense as a venue which in turn makes it work for customers, staff and profits.

When it comes to styling a hospitality space, we have the expertise to source bespoke products that can withstand a busy dinner service or a packed games night; we’re never going to put in a million-pound lamp that will be broken in five minutes. The hospitality industry is where we started, and we’re always excited to see how we can approach new spaces with innovative ideas.

KAI Interiors spent an evening with one of their high-profile London-based hospitality clients and gained £600K in revenue for that year through an open and collaborative conversation.

Experience working with KAI

Experience working with KAI

We believe in striving for excellence and shaping your design journey. Our innovative, open-minded and forward-thinking approach enables us to understand what you aim to achieve with your interior design project. Our four-step process includes walking you through the concept, design, build and then style your space. In the KAI family, we pride ourselves on building trusted, authentic, creative relationships that unite people. Our team of interior designers create unique concepts that inspire human connection and deliver beautiful, effective, functional designs our clients love. To discover more about the experience of working with KAI, do read our client testimonials. No one says it better than the people we have the pleasure of working with.

Additional Services

We have a wide variety of services that can be tailored to your needs, whether that be our E-design package, bespoke fabrics and wallpapers through to branding and web design. Get in touch to find out more.


An affordable interior design service for smaller spaces that would benefit from bespoke interior design expertise.

Furniture Guide image Kai Interiors Curve Club London Shoreditch

Furniture Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you choose stunning pieces of furniture for a commercial setting or for your home.

Lighting Guide

An in depth guide to help you get clarity on lighting and enable you to adapt the mood of your space at the flick of a switch.

Bespoke Fabric photo design Fego beaconsfield Kai Interiors

Bespoke Fabrics

We love to create bespoke, personalised fabrics for our clients, this sets your design apart from any other.

Bespoke Wallpapers

Make an impact with a bespoke wallpaper. We have a team of designers who hand draw and paint your personalised design.


Create a compelling, cohesive and consistent brand identity to enhance your interiors and bring your commercial idea to life.


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Do you have a challenging interior design project you’re struggling to conceptualise and bring to life?

Let us help you shape your design journey.

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Get in Touch

Do you have a challenging interior design project you’re struggling to conceptualise and bring to life?

Let us help you shape your
design journey.

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