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A clear and concise four-stage process, designed specificallyto help you navigate your interior design project.

A clear and concise four-stage process, designed specifically to help you navigate your interior design project.


The key to a successful design is listening to a client’s brief and building a strong concept. This enables us to create a cohesive design from the start and everything else, from the architecture, interior and the branding stems from this. Drawing inspiration from elements that connect to your brief, location or style preference, KAI Interiors shapes your design journey to present you with unique and forward-thinking ideas. Keeping a company’s USP and target customers at the forefront of each project, we will create a space that maximises profit while achieving aesthetic beauty.

In order to manage project budgets, KAI Interiors produces a feasibility plan including floor plans and layouts that works for your business, alongside a guide on finishes and interior design elements. Once appointed we produce a schedule highlighting key milestones throughout the project to ensure it stays on schedule.

We work on projects across the globe so are happy to work online or in person depending on the site location. We also have excellent relationships with project managers should you require one alongside many other specialist contractors and consultants.


Once the concept direction and budget is agreed, KAI Interiors works through the flow of the space to establish how to increase your potential revenue. This is hugely important and can make or break a business. A space can look beautiful but if it doesn’t flow well and maximise your operational capacity then it won’t last. Our designers will create mood boards to visually communicate our design approach to you before drawing elevations, sections, plans and joinery. Once the final design is approved schedules for products, lighting, ironmongery and doors will be prepared.

Lighting is an integral part of any design project. Workspace, Hospitality, Wellbeing and Residential spaces typically need a variation of mood and task lighting to create atmosphere and transition spaces from day to night seamlessly.


Once a project progresses to the build and implementing the design, KAI Interior designers will be on site each week to allow us to track the project progress, address any issues and find solutions promptly to prevent any cost implications or delays. Our presence on site allows us to workshop design solutions in real time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the project like the operations.

Throughout the build we ensure every cost is presented in a clear schedule for review and approval. This means you know the exact price for each product alongside the lead time and delivery cost before anything is purchased.


When the initial build is complete, KAI Interiors offers a styling service, sourcing elements from planting to floral displays, furniture and artwork. These can be procured ahead of completion to ensure they are on site and ready for opening.

This is a key way to create a completely bespoke space for your brand. Whether it’s a commissioned piece from one of our talented artists, or biophilic elements to connect nature to your space to promote wellbeing, we can style your space exactly as you want.

Experience working with KAI

Experience working with KAI

We believe in striving for excellence and shaping your design journey. Our innovative, open-minded and forward-thinking approach enables us to understand what you aim to achieve with your interior design project. Our four-step process includes walking you through the concept, design, build and then style your space. In the KAI family, we pride ourselves on building trusted, authentic, creative relationships that unite people. Our team of interior designers create unique concepts that inspire human connection and deliver beautiful, effective, functional designs our clients love. To discover more about the experience of working with KAI, do read our client testimonials. No one says it better than the people we have the pleasure of working with.

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Do you have a challenging interior design project you’re struggling to conceptualise and bring to life?

Let us help you shape your
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