Hybrid workingis here to stay

According to new research by the British Chambers of Commerce Insights Unit and technology firm Cisco, less than 30% of firms expect their workforce to be fully in person over the next five years. The data shows that hybrid working is now part of the fabric of the modern workplace.

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Creating work life balance

For millions of us, logging in remotely for some of the working week is now routine and this flexibility is valued by employers and employees alike. Because of this, there’s never been more of an importance placed on the work space. At Kai Interiors, we see how much the impact of workspace design can have on people, it can affect wellbeing, employee retention and customer satisfaction.

Now that businesses have found new ways to communicate across the globe, from Zoom to Google Hangout, it has given employees the possibility to work from remote locations and still enjoy inner city salaries. With more of a focus on a better work life balance, people are thinking twice about their career and where they live and this has hugely impacted the workplace. As a result, many massive global companies have closed their vast office spaces, preferring to work from smaller spaces or using different locations for weekly or monthly meetings in person.

As designers this means we have to reconsider everything we previously thought of when it comes to creating work space. ‘Office design’ no longer refers to the functional and decorative elements of a workspace, like furniture and equipment. It now takes into account the overall office experience, the wellbeing of those who use the space and the level of collaboration businesses hope to encourage.

Because of hybrid working, offices now need to be places that encourage people to come in as much as possible and to offer amenities they cannot get at home. We know, for example, that wellness and wellbeing are at the top of most businesses’ agendas for their employees. A forward-thinking workspace helps people to be healthier, happier and more productive. That doesn’t mean just offering fruit bowls and an occasional early finish on a Friday, it means designing spaces within an office where employees can feel valued. This could include meditation rooms, plush lounge spaces and fitness areas, as well as incorporating biophilic designs so people feel re-energised by water and nature throughout their day.

Shaping your design journey

Thanks to our previous experience, we’re well placed to design workspaces and we know how to lead the way by integrating new technologies into interiors as a way to use technology to enhance the working environment. Our designs aim to encourage human connection, social interactions and togetherness as much as possible.

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